Why Should You Opt for Private Blog Network Service?

What is PBN?

Private Blog Networks (PBN) is a network of websites used to build links to a single website. The main aim is to build the search engine rankings to that particular website. Several websites are linked to one another or all are linked to one single website. This is prevalent since past few years with the gaining popularity of websites.

Old PBNs has the same IP and servers. It even had the same content across many websites. The technical data in all the websites are the same.

Drawbacks of PBN

Many consider PBN as a bad idea. They prefer it to be avoided in their website. It can lead to loss of website rankings and search ranking. PBN gives very less value to their websites. It is of no use in the long run. Google has been fighting against PBN for the past years.

How to Find if the website is a part of PBN

To find out if the websites has PBN services check for the following

  • Check if all the websites have the same IP address.
  • Check if all websites has the same design, color scheme and navigation.
  • Check the source code with the help of your browser.
  • Some websites have hidden WHOIS. Check for the website owner. If many websites have the same owner then those blogs or websites are connected to one another.
  • Check for duplicate content if it exists in any other website.
  • Check the website profile to see the number of interlinking in the websites.
  • Check if images and videos are duplicated in many websites.

Why PBNs?

New PBNs are harder to spot in the website with new sophistications. PBN are generally referred to the group of websites owned by one particular company or individual. So, if you are aiming at bringing more traffic to your website, then Private Blogging network is the answer.